Benefits of Call Tracking

Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking is an authentic and valuable marketing tool for businesses that depend on phone calls for clients and leads.

The following are some of the main benefits of integrating call tracking to your advertising campaign—be it online or offline.

Organic search engine traffic: Determine which landing pages are generating calls to your business.

When call tracking was first introduced, marketers used to put multiple phone numbers on their sites which don’t suit the NAP requirements of Google. This led to poor search rankings for SEO. However, the tide has turned nowadays as technology advancements arose. Call tracking is already one of the important tools that can enhance your SEO campaign.

Today, call tracking services now have DNI (Dynamic number insertion). This means that visitors see various temporarily displayed phone numbers when accessing your site. When the user makes a call, the call tracking service registers the session and record important data about the caller. These data include the caller’s phone number, his location, his device, call duration, the source of the conversion, the keyword used, as well as the conversation recording.

This set of information is extremely useful to track the users’ behavior. With call tracking, you can discern your customer’s path starting with the keyword input all the way to the landing page that triggered the conversion. If you’re conducting A/B testing for your landing page, the information from call tracking will give you better input on how to optimize your landing page better.

Pay per click campaigns: see which keywords work best.

Today, most clients call businesses using ads they see online. A client doesn’t have to click an ad to look for the phone number. The number is displayed on the ads and your customers can call the number. Sadly speaking, phone calls originating from paid search ads are not always tracked, which tremendously undervalues the efficiency of the whole campaign.

Choose the most effective marketing channel

Using unique phone numbers that can be tracked could also enable you to do quick comparisons among the various marketing channels you’re using to run your advertisements. For instance, you may actually realize that your newspaper ads are not giving good returns. This enables you to focus on other marketing channels such as radio or the internet.

Call tracking service can also help you tie the conversion generated back to the source campaign. This can help you know which marketing channels are effective and redirect your budget to further improve the ROI.

There are various means to boost your advertising efforts, and choosing the most effective ones can go a long way in reaching your desired results the soonest time possible. Try call tracking now and see the difference. You may want to read our latest articles.

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