Call Tracking Service

Call Tracking streamlines the success of your marketing efforts

Call Tracking Service

Having good return on investment (ROI) is important for any business. All businesses operate with a budget and every marketing expense must be justified for the returns. Marketers are expected to make smart decisions on where to invest their money. To achieve long-term success, you must be able to tell which marketing efforts are giving you the results you want.

How does Call Tracking work?

Call tracking is an integral marketing tool. Call tracking allows you to track phone calls - where the call is coming from, and which marketing channel or specific ad triggered the call. It provides a means to track which marketing effort is generating phone calls and giving higher conversion rates.

With SEM, your prospects are able to easily find your company website or web page above billions of competitor websites or web pages when they enter a search on your product or services on Google.

A potential customer searches online and clicks on your ad
Call Tracking Service Step 1
A unique phone number is listed on your ad's landing page for the customer to call
Call Tracking Service Step 2
The call rings through to your business
Call Tracking Service Step 3
The keyword(s), campaign, call duration, etc... are tracked by the unique number and are instantly available to help optimize your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
Call Tracking Service Step 4

How exactly does Call Tracking work to your advantage?

Call Tracking Analytics

You may ask, “Are phone calls still important in this day and age of digital marketing?” The answer is a resounding YES. Most consumers, despite reliance on Internet-based systems, are also likely to call the company and make inquiries. The phone remains a potent source of new leads. The statistical proof that the phone still generates the most important leads for any business was provided by AdInsight, when it released data that 65% of businesses think phone calls remain the most valuable source of high quality leads and 43% of search-related conversions still occur over the phone. In addition, according to McKay Allen of the Search Engine Journal, people who make calls are 10 times more likely to make a purchase than web leads.

In call tracking, a tracking number is assigned to each marketing campaign, whether this involves online campaigns such as paid searches or SEO initiatives or offline campaigns such as traditional radio, print or TV. Every campaign is allocated with a designated tracking number. When this tracking number is dialed, the tracking code is activated and crucial data surrounding the call are recorded onto the dashboard. Clients can then log in to our call tracking dashboard to view their phone leads and tracking data.

The valuable features of Professional Call Tracking Service

Here are the interesting features of First Page’s call tracking service that give your business a huge boost:

  1. Call Recording

    This feature allows you to easily record calls for qualifying leads. Use it to review caller feedback and call interactions, evaluate customer service and provide coaching to sales staff to sharpen their call-handling skills.

  2. Email Notifications for Missed Calls

    Custom notifications sent to your email address serve as instant alerts for any missed calls. These instant notifications contain relevant information so you are notified of calls and never miss out on the opportunity to respond quickly to missed calls.

  3. Integration with Google Analytics

    Our call tracking software easily integrates with your existing Google Analytics account. You can track calls from both your PPC ad and organic search campaigns and understand which keywords are driving sales. Call activity data integrated into Google Analytics can be correlated with other metrics like keywords, traffic sources, site visits and web page views to streamline SEM campaigns.

  4. Instant report for required period

    Get the call activity data you need, when you need it. This feature provides instant retrieval of past call activity data. Obtain reports you require on demand and review summaries of leads within a specific period. Call reports can be retrieved by setting up custom filters.

  5. Schedule daily, weekly and monthly report

    Our tracking software features an automatic report scheduler configured to generate timely reports and summaries regarding daily, weekly and monthly call activity. These detailed reports sent via email enable you to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

  6. Real Time Tracking

    Phone calls are shown in your call log at exactly the same time as they are made. Real time data analytics provides immediate information of the call volumes, along with a complete log of incoming calls and previous calls responding to ads.

  7. Identify Caller’s Number

    Call tracking data lets you see call specifics such as the caller’s number, the country or city from which the call is made, date of call, time of call, call duration, call status and marketing source.

  8. Call Whisper

    Call whisper identifies which marketing campaign has prompted the call. This informative headstart allows your sales representatives to customise their approach and be better prepared to address the caller’s needs even before the call begins.

Priorities performance-driven campaigns using First Page’s comprehensive call tracking data

Our call tracking service promotes the principle of transparency, empowering you to keep a critical eye on your marketing spend and impact your sales positively.

Measure phone call conversions and optimise your marketing budgets using intuitive real-time call data analytics. Maximise the return on investment of your marketing campaigns. Talk to our digital marketing consultants today and we’ll show you how.