Do you own a website but you’re not driving traffic to it? If you want to build your business, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be one of the indispensable weapons in your digital marketing arsenal.

SEO helps drive traffic to your website and awakens it to become your online cash-generating engine. Done right, SEO increases your website’s potential to sell your products and services even while you sleep, allowing your brand to be found by online customers who are looking for a company they can trust.

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To understand SEO, it is requisite to understand how does search engines work. Here’s a simple explanation straight from Google, the biggest search engine today.


Well that’s pretty simple, you think. As soon as you put things in perspective, you will realize that it takes a lot of hard work for your website to be found on search engines. The fact is there are millions of websites out there. To be seen on the first page of the search result, you will need to optimize your website. Some of these include continuously and consistently working on the quality of the content on your website, ensuring your website architecture is designed in a way that makes it easier for search engines to find and understand it, and checking the quality of websites that link to you. All these form part of the SEO process.

In other words, SEO means improving your website’s ranking on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Done well, SEO has the potential to place you on top of organic searches. This means Google will put your website on top of its page over millions of other websites even if you have not paid Google any money.

Just like all good things which take time to brew, SEO is a strategy that has to be implemented consistently over a period of time, in order to reap its real value. SEO is always in the “work in progress” mode where it needs to be nurtured and monitored constantly to get the maximum results.

Search Engine Ranking



Because the higher the ranking of your website, the greater the chances that your target customers will be clicking on the link to your website, for products and/or services that they are seeking.

Imagine having a physical store and selling your product, say, shoes. In choosing a location for your store, you need to consider foot traffic in the area. This ensures that there are enough people to attract your store and that they can easily find you. Without foot traffic, it isn’t hard to imagine that your sales will be slow.

Web traffic works pretty much the same way. If you are not on the first page of search engines like Google, chances are you will have little or no web traffic at all. Without traffic, your website visit will drop and along with it your sales can potentially plummet as well.

SEO with the help of a reputable SEO company places your website on the first page of Google and other search engines, allowing massive traffic to your website. These people have a good chance enquiring about your products and if your website gives them what they’re looking for, then you get yourself a sale. Because more than 80% of the online population has used the internet to shop, you can imagine how SEO helps your business grow exponentially.



No Lock-in Contract

We do not believe in having contract that lock-in our client for months. We believe in the simple logic that by delivering quality work and result, our clients will continue to engage our SEO Services.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated SEO Team

Our SEO works are done in-house, managed by a team of people who has many years of experience in doing SEO work. We breathe and dream SEO.

Monthly Backlinks & Ranking Report

We believe in providing transparency in the work we do. The backlinks report will show the backlinks that are built for the month. The ranking report will allow client to monitor ranking progress for their targeted keywords.

Customized SEO Strategy

No two businesses are the same. With this belief, we always seek to understand our client’s business and objective for engaging our SEO Services. Only then, we will conduct in-depth research to develop a customized SEO Strategy to rank their targeted keywords.

Traffic Driven Keywords

We work closely with our client to ensure that the selected keywords are not only relevant for their business, but also generate visitors’ traffic to their website. Getting rank for keywords with low foot traffic is akin to getting a store front on the isolated lane; rarely will anyone get to know your store.

Manually Built High Quality Backlinks

All our backlinks are built manually. Before we build the backlink on a targeted website for our clients, we will qualify if that targeted website can meet some of our requirements – Good Domain Authority and Trust Flow, Low Spam Score and Relevancy to our client’s business, are some of our pre-requisites.

No Hefty Upfront Fee Required

Collecting hefty 3 or 6 months fee in advance only benefits the SEO Singapore Company, not client. We only collect monthly retainer fee.  While this creates more work to monitor payment, we still do this because we do not want to strain our clients’ finances unnecessarily as cash-flow is their lifeline.

White-Hat SEO Techniques

We provide monthly backlinks report to our customers as we want to be transparent with the links we have built and are confident with white-hat link building work. We work hard consistently to provide stable ranking results as our ultimate objective is for clients to reap the long term gains from their SEO investment.


Free Highly Qualified Leads

Being at the top position of search engine like Google allows your customers to easily find you. Whether or not you get 100 or 1,000 leads, there is no individual payment for these customers coming to your site.

With potential customers coming to your site instead of you chasing them, what you get are qualified leads ready to do business with you!

Strong Brand Presence And Credibility

Being prominently positioned in search engine is akin to being physically located in the central business district where big businesses have their corporate offices.

Online customers attach trustworthiness to companies which are on top results and which have a credible and authoritative website. As you know, trust is everything when it comes to online marketing.

High Website Standard

SEO compels you to design your website and write your web copy in such a way that will make it accessible to both search engine crawlers and to human visitors. Crawlers index code errors and should they detect a lot of these errors on your site, won’t rank you high. The result of these strict standards is a great website not only for search crawlers but for people as well.

Predictable Cost

The cost of SEO is relatively fixed and in most cases, tapers off as the SEO campaign progresses on.


We work on monthly retainer basis and do not provide guarantee for ranking. The monthly amount that client needs to invest depends on 4 main factors. The actual quote will be provided only after we have understood our client’s objective and careful review of the campaign.

Number of Targeted Keywords

Keyword Competitiveness

business industry

Industry that the business is in


Type of SEO Campaign
(Local, Singapore or International)


We do not offer any guarantees for SEO simply because we want the best for all our clients. You may be surprised with this statement, but we truly mean it.

We do not own Google or any other search engines. It is at their discretion to tweak or update their algorithm anytime they deem fit.

Beware of SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings. Your website ranks. BUT, what happens after the guaranteed period?



Keywords Research


Competitors Analysis

Website SEO Audit


Website SEO Audit

Content Creation Icon


Content Creation


Onpage Optimization

Technical Implementation


Technical Implementation


Content Syndication




Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Competitors Monitoring


Competitors Monitoring


Backlink & Spam Traffic Monitoring



Monthly SEO Report


Here is the list of SEO frequently asked questions, you can see the answer by clicking on the specific question. If you have an other questions, please feel free to contact us directly. We are always available to help you for your digital marketing needs.

Organic Search Engine traffic is vital to the success of any business today. It is through SEO that organic traffic can be generated directly to your website, which essentially comes from sources that are unpaid via search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

On top of being the most ideal source to generate organic traffic, SEO is important due to the following reasons:

  • 93% of internet users use search engines for a variety of searches
  • 75% of internet users aren’t fond of scrolling to get to a certain page
  • 2.80% of internet users prefer clicking on organic results

If you’re running a business today, you can never turn a blind eye on the importance of SEO. It is important that you take advantage of SEO to help improve visibility and promote branding for your business.

When your website ranks high on search engines, this creates a competitive edge for your business. To achieve a high-ranking position on search engine platforms, you need to optimise your web presence with the help of SEO services to ensure that viewing results and search traffic are tipped to your advantage.

We have a team of professionals who specialises in customising an SEO strategy that meets Google’s best practices. This SEO strategy includes:

  • Providing a comprehensive list of the best keywords that apply to your brand, product, or service
  • A complete technical audit of your website to detect specific areas where SEO needs to be improved or applied
  • A thorough review of your key competitors and search engine results page (SERP) to devise a feasible plan and timeline

SEO services are never one size fits all. Every client or business, even your website and the industry you are in, all have unique needs. This is the reason why our SEO work always begins with the mandatory audit, analysis, and research to correctly identify your SEO needs. We will then formulate a plan that specifies monthly deliverables and key milestones that need to be reached.

Investing in a reputable and experienced SEO company makes all the difference when you need to strategically promote your business’s presence online. As an established SEO agency, we are defined by our work and the results we have achieved through years of working with a variety of businesses.

As your SEO partner, we apply our expertise in all levels and perspectives associated with your business to strengthen your online presence and to make sure that you stay on top and ahead of your competition.

We implement our campaigns on a month-to-month basis. After all the introductions and initial onboarding is done, we will provide you with a dedicated team to furnish you with an action plan that outline all the tasks that will be a part of your first month of services. When you have concerns or need feedback, you can easily get in touch with your project manager through email or phone at any time during the campaign.

First Page will provide you with a report that details the progress and results of the campaign at the end of the month. The action plan for the following month will be based on the data collected from the previous month.

Optimising your website content is one of the primary functions of an SEO campaign. During our review, we will assess your website to determine if there is a need to create new content copy or simply work on improving existing content. We will also check if a new landing page is required. We will provide this information in our recommendations report.

SEO campaign is a long-term commitment, hence the whole process cannot be done in just a snap of a finger.

Depending on the size of your website, onsite optimisation can take up to 2 months to carefully calibrate your website to an optimum level.

Depending on keyword competitions and your website authority, ranking will take a minimum of 6 to 8 months,

When you partner with First Page, we will provide you with a dedicated team that oversees all aspects of your SEO campaign. Your team includes:

  • A Project Manager who will be your point of contact
  • An SEO Specialist
  • A Dedicated Writer

We do not provide guarantees for  search engine results  as this is considered to be unethical. There are factors and variables that are always involved that make results unpredictable.

What we promise is efficiency in how we employ our methods and techniques to ensure that your site is well positioned to achieve your desired results. In addition, our modalities are ethical and have a proven track record of success.

No SEO agency will give you any guarantee that you will always have top rankings. What can be promised is the fact that you can rank high on any search engine rankings when best practices for SEO are properly implemented.

At First Page, what we provide clients is the promise that we work hard to meet their desired results. We provide recommendations on how search traffic may improve and ensure clients that following these recommendations won’t get them in any trouble with Google.

We don’t make guarantees on securing that top ranking for you. We guarantee that working together as a team keen on employing the best SEO practices is what can get that result for you. If you partner with us, you will be amongst our many happy clients who have been satisfied by the efficient way we do our SEO work.

We provide clients with monthly report that reflect all the changes that have been made on your website. This includes the backlink report that provides complete details on the number of backlinks that has been built for your website.

SEO results may vary depending on the time frame. For non-competitive keywords, it may take 3-4 months to show up on the first page of search results.  Results may be achieved within 6 to 8 months for medium competitive keywords and minimum 12 months for highly competitive keywords.

Modern SEO is both art and science. It is about getting the right formula that expertly combines keyword search, getting links, or optimising content and meta data to ensure that targeted words or terms are covered.

We get this question a lot, but the answer to this is never simple. There are factors that should be taken into consideration before seeing any improvements on your rankings, let alone before commencing any SEO work.

Factors to consider include the age and current condition of your website and its current Google ranking, the content itself and competitiveness of the keywords used, backlink profile, and your competitor’s current position, amongst many others.

That said, an SEO campaign involves strategic, long-term planning and execution that takes up several months to accomplish. Generally, positive movements may be achieved from the 6th months onwards.

We monitor your website every week or even every day, should there be a need. We send you complete and detailed reports that outline all the SEO activities at the end of each month.

During the initial stage, we will be working closely with you to select the right keywords, understand the improvements required, and create relevant content.

At the link building stage, we will update you on a monthly basis on the work we have done. If we see any opportunities for improvement, we will inform you to get feedback, suggestions, and approval.

Investing in SEO is a long term investment to promote your online presence. PPC advertising is just a short-term solution, not to mention too expensive to engage in for the long term. SEO, in comparison, is a better marketing plan that pays off handsomely in the long run.

Your campaign stops when you stop paying for your PPC advertisements. This is not the case with SEO, as the effect generated from your SEO campaign lasts even when you have stopped paying for the campaign.

Moreover, SEO is a more trusted approach to online marketing. According to a 2012 study, 86% of web searches prefer SEO listings over paid or sponsored PPC advertisements.

There is no guarantee that a good SEO campaign can get you the sales you hope to achieve, but it can help increase organic traffic to your site. Factors should be considered, like pricing or demand, which may affect sales conversion.

You may, however, improve sales conversion by enhancing your website’s design and employing efficient marketing techniques.

Buyers are more likely to trust a well-designed website and confidently shop from there, as opposed to a poorly designed one that they feel may even have legitimacy issues.

Remember that there is no perfect formula for achieving your desired sales or online traffic. Your hard work pays off when you know how to harness multiple online channels through effective marketing and advertising strategies.

Whilst the main reason for engaging an SEO agency is to improve your website’s overall ranking, we highly advise you to manage your expectations.

No SEO company can guarantee or give you the overall expected improvement that you hope to achieve in terms of your website ranking on Google. No agency will give you the exact answer as search engines, like Google for example; use algorithm that makes it difficult to give precise answer on the overall improvement in rankings.

What you can expect from the SEO agency you engage is an estimate of your ranking improvement over the period of running the campaign. This gives you an idea of what you can expect not only from the campaign but also from working with the agency itself.


A SEO Consultant will analyzes and review websites, competitors and their incoming links to provide an analysis, guidance and recommendations to business owners and helping them achieve high rankings for their targeted keywords.