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Consumers all over the world continue to shift to digital platforms. This is especially true in Singapore, where the economic landscape is more advanced than in most neighbouring countries. 

Website Ranking Problem

A search engine optimisation campaign is a complex activity with a lot of moving parts. For it to do its job, each component has to work flawlessly on its own but also blend seamlessly with each other. There will be times where you feel that you have used all of its elements and still not get the results you expected. It is important to note that while this could be due to a number of factors, there is a solution to all of them.

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Shopify Store

About 5 million people in Singapore regularly use the Internet every day, according to a 2019 report from GlobalWebIndex. These active Internet users between the ages of 16 to 64 go online for a variety of reasons. But the most prevalent purpose why 85% of the Singaporean population uses the Google search engine is to search for a product or service.

Organic Traffic

Given that SEO is focused on boosting your site’s visibility and increasing its rank, it is often compared with paid advertising. To put it simply, the main difference between SEO and paid advertising is that the former generates free organic traffic, while the latter comes with a cost per click. Essentially, SEO has the potential to generate long-term and substantial returns on your initial investment.

SEO Shopify

Today, online shopping has become the norm, and the idea of using your mobile device to purchase an item is common practice. Many are familiar with Shopify, which offers some of the most affordable plans for store owners.

Targeting the right audience

Finding the right audiences is a requisite to having a high ROI on Google ads. No matter how great your ad is, displaying it to customers who aren’t unwilling to purchase will be a clear waste of time and money.