How SEO Can Contribute to Higher Sales in Your Shopify Store

Today, online shopping has become the norm, and the idea of using your mobile device to purchase an item is common practice. Many are familiar with Shopify, which offers some of the most affordable plans for store owners.

One of Shopify’s biggest appeals is its easy-to-use interface, which comes with add-ons that you can easily customize. This way, business owners can all have their unique e-commerce stores, despite being hosted on the same platform. With that said, competition continues to grow tougher by the day, making it important to generate traffic to websites. To maximize your Shopify returns, you can utilize search engine optimization (SEO).


How Can SEO Boost Shopify Sales?

SEO can not only help improve your site visibility and traffic, the strategy can also give your Shopify store a marketing lift to drive sales.

  • Higher Search Rankings will Naturally Drive Sales
    Using the right keywords and meta descriptions can help you improve your search rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher your search rank, the more likely your store will be seen by users, resulting in more potential customers. Given that you are competing against several other e-commerce stores, it is important to rank as high as possible to reach as many users as you can.

  • Responsive Design can Keep Users in your Store for Longer
    E-commerce, in itself, is a huge business opportunity, but mobile commerce is another important aspect to emphasize. Mobile commerce is expected to grow by 68% by 2022, with more and more people shopping on their phones. To comply with this trend, you can use SEO to optimize your site and make it responsive to mobile devices. Having a responsive design will be improving the user experience, making sure you cater to users regardless of what device they use. A good user experience will attract users and keep them in your store for longer, boosting your chances of getting repeated sales and conversions.

  • Content Marketing can Boost Search Ranks
    One of the common mistakes that e-commerce store owners make is ignoring the importance of content. Even when operating on Shopify, you must pay attention to your product and site descriptions as this can leave a significant impression on your customers. Content allows you to build your brand and reputation, translating to increased sales. 


Effective SEO Practices for Shopify

Now that you better understand what SEO can do for your Shopify store, you may be wondering: What practices will be useful for e-commerce? While there is no fixed answer to this question, you can use these three measures:

  1. Use SSL
    Using a secure socket layer (SSL) gives you an advantage over sites that do not use this as search engines favour more secure websites. In many cases, users will receive a warning message when entering sites without SSL, affecting their perception and negatively impacting their trust in a website. Fortunately, for Shopify users, you can activate SSL as part of your subscription, making the task much easier.
  2. Verify Your Domain
    It is important to verify your shop domain on the Google Search Console as this helps the search engine find your site pages. Doing this is perhaps one of the first SEO steps you can do as it establishes the existence of your shop to ensure it gets crawled.
  3. Use Internal Links
    Getting quality backlinks is known for its benefits to increasing search rankings, but internal links are just as important for Shopify. With internal links, you have one of your site pages linking to another site page to direct users to another part of your store. For example, you can link relevant products to give users a more seamless shopping experience. Getting help from an SEO agency in Singapore may help you with this respect, as link building can be a relatively tricky SEO practice.



SEO has long dominated the digital marketing world, so it is no surprise that this strategy can also help drive sales and leads in Shopify stores. To stay competitive in the e-commerce industry, SEO is an important strategy to utilize to maximize your online presence and visibility and reach as many users as possible.