How Great User Experience Design (UX) Can Grow Your Business


The design process must not be purely geared towards visual aesthetics. In order to come up with the kind of design that brings a positive, tangible impact to your business, a plan has to be established step by step. This is where User Experience Design (UX) comes into play. 

What Is UX Design?

UX design is a crucial part of the design process. It’s not just about the visual appeal of your site but the general experience of the user as well. UX has something to do with the design and plan of an experience and the creation of a workflow for the users of an app, website, or any piece of technology.

UX is like the skeleton to the body. UX requires thorough planning. Thus, designers must not immediately whip up the shape without devising a plan and flow. UX design involves figuring out what you need, where things should be placed, and what each section should say. Paying attention to the UX design of your platform can go a long, long way.

The following are the positive effects of a great user experience design to your treasured business:

It helps you figure out your goals

One of the best parts of UX is the discovery of crucial data that your company actually needs. When finalizing your UX plan, you need to interview your marketing, sales, and creative team and even the CTOs, CEOS, CFOs, and so on. Along the way, you can learn a lot about every aspect of the organization. You can get various perspectives that can seal the final deal. The UX designer takes these different perspectives into consideration while conceiving the final plan. Most of the time, these departments have various goals. Although their goals may be related or overlapping, these goals could help in forming the actual structure and content of the site which could lead to the best result.

It helps you figure out your audience

Once the goals are identified, the rest of the UX efforts can then be geared towards capturing the audience’s attention. The UX design process also involves studying the customer base and creating personas. Personas are like the actual users of your site. A website can have different kinds of personas. Each persona has various personalities, background, needs, and objectives. Knowing the different personas and their intentions and desires can help you come up with a solid audience segmentation. You can then come up with the best approach to bring the best possible experience that can help your users engage with your site, meet your end goals, and eventually become a customer.

It helps you with organization and content creation

As you get to know the goals and the types of audience of a platform, you can now identify the exact things people are looking for during their visit. Knowing this, you can better finalize page structure and site map. This also affects how you generate content that is both relevant and engaging. The bottom line of it all is that users visit websites because they’re looking for some sort of information. This is how content brings the most impact to your UX design. Your bounce rate will dramatically increase if people do not get what they have come to look for in your site’s content.

The content of a website is not just about what you say. It’s also about how you say your message. This is why the tone and voice are also equally important. Does your brand’s personality have a playful and fun tone? Or is informative and intelligent? Are you wordy or do you go straight to the point? How people see your brand can be anchored upon these things. While crafting your content, you need to consider the very short attention span of people. The level of engagement you want to achieve with your content must be transitioned quickly in order for them to proceed and convert.

It helps you save money

According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of the results comes from the 20% of the time planning. The careful planning phase will never be in vain because the quality of your results is also secure. It might cost money initially, but because you have set your direction right, you will no longer have to spend more money and go through multiple redesigns along the way.

It helps you make money

Getting faster ROI and enjoying high revenue are more than possible if the UX design of your platform is taken seriously. If your web design is really made to capture the customer’s needs and provides them the best experience throughout, everything will fall right into place. All of the time, effort, and resources in building your website right will tremendously pay off.

UX Design shouldn’t be taken for granted. It has the potential to take your business to new heights. Don’t just run a business for the sake of running it. Run it well using the best UX design practices that can take everything to the next level.

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