How to Save Money on PPC Advertising


PPC advertising can be a bit costly. The good thing is there are different ways to save money on your PPC ads. The following are some of the tips to cut costs in your PPC marketing.

Target your ads tightly

Ad copies that aren’t properly targeted might cause you to end up losing lots of money on your campaign. Random people can click your ad, causing your ad spend to soar high. The ROI is also not good because the traffic you’re getting is not really relevant or high-converting.

If your ad copy isn’t targeted properly, you will end up losing a lot of money on your campaigns. Make sure that only your target market can click on your ad. If not, your ad spend is wasted. People who are not a part of your target market will just immediately hit the back button after opening your landing page, leaving you with an unnecessary spend.

To target your PPC ads well, you should understand who your target customers are and learn how to maximize the targeting features of Google’s PPC platform.

Make sure that your ad copy is clear

It’s recommended to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional portrayal of your current customer base. When establishing your buyer persona, take into account your customer demographics, motivations, behavior patterns, and objectives. The more you go detailed, the better your depiction will be.

Go specific to make your ad copy deliver the exact message you want to relay. You should also never miss highlighting your unique value proposition; that is, the things that make you different from your competitors. Ad the keywords appropriately and end with a good call to action. From start to finish, your ad copy must be succinct yet impactful. If you want to get the best result, it’s best to test, test, and test. Try out which approach works well until you get the right formula.

Become a better copywriter

If you strive to be a better copywriter, your click through rate will increase as well as your quality score. If you can’t do this yourself, at least hire a good copywriter that values quality above all else.

If your content is good, you can convey your message better in your PPC ad copy, helping you get more relevant clicks. Your landing page will also be more high-converting if your message is relayed in a compelling and straightforward sense. Whether you’re selling a product/ service,  having a good copy will always make a difference.

Once the user gets to the sales page, if the same quality of persuasive and valuable content is displayed, you can see your conversion rates shooting up. This may be an indirect way of saving money on PPC ads, but it surely can help you squeeze more profits from the same ad spend.

Examine Device Targeting and Optimize Bids for Mobile

Given the balance of search volume tipping to mobile from desktop, your device targeting settings should be part of your account optimization checklist. Today, there are more people who search for goods and services online, and even if some people have made their conversion on desktop, their quest in finding your product/service may have begun on a mobile device.

After making sure that your device targeting setting is laid out well, assess your bids. Mobile CPCs, which were previously so cheap, are now becoming more expensive due to the increasing mobile traffic and competition. Assess your mobile bidding strategy and ensure that you are not losing money on bids which are too expensive for you. Also, you’re free to set mobile bids at ad group or campaign level. Thus, you still can be in control on your budget for mobile clicks.


PPC advertising is powerful and will probably remain that way in the foreseeable future. These are some of the ways you can make the most out of your PPC ad spend to achieve ROI and double possibly profits. PPC marketing is a viable option as long as you follow the right tricks that can help you rake in the most rewards.

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