What to Look for When Choosing a Web Development Service Provider?


Choosing the right web development service provider is the first and most vital step when setting up your website. Most people who are new to web design and development think that setting up a site is pretty easy and that any web development company or even freelancer can get the job done. You might believe that once the hiring stage is completed, it’s already a done deal. However, this isn’t the case because the success of the design and development project will depend on your desired website requirements.

Here is a checklist of what to look out for in a web development company so that you can ensure that you’ve selected the right vendor.

Do They Use HTML 5?

These days, HTML 5 is the standard HTML coding used by prominent web companies. HTML 5 is often used for website designs today for it can be used on both desktop and mobile designs. In today’s technology age wherein many people are using mobile devices to search for information and purchase products or services, it is crucial to engage a web developer who knows how to use codes that are suitable for creating mobile responsive websites, and that includes HTML 5.

Can They Make Responsive Website Designs?

Gone are the days when all you need is to put up a website that are merely texts and some pictures. We are now in the era wherein a user will also access to information using multiple mobile devices; you need to consider how your website would look like these devices. If you want the viewers to continue visiting your website, you must give them a good user experience across devices. Hence, the web developer must be up to date with the trends on making responsive website designs and the viability of the design on different screens.

Does Their Design Increase Conversion Rate?

Aside from being responsive, a site has to have the ability to convert. According to some experts, a high conversion website must have a visible eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) button. This will help distinguish the CTAs from the other website’s features.

Also, a high conversion site makes use of a good color combination. Depending on the type of website that you want to build, your color combination has to fit appropriate for your brand and yet prompt a successful conversion.

Lastly, the texts and images must lead to the call to action button. This will now depend on how well the texts and pictures are placed in the layout of the website.

With these in mind, you have to get a web developer who knows how to mix these principles well so that your website will gain a high conversion rate.

Do They Know How to Optimize Page Speed?

Page loading speed plays a significant role in the overall visitors’ satisfaction. Remember, the web visitors are impatient people, any longer than 8 seconds and you will be sure that they will leave your website.

If you think that your page loads too slowly even if you have a strong internet connection, highlight these to your web developer immediately.

You can make use of tools such as Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights to check if your website has loading issue. A technically savvy web developer should know how to optimize the website page speed load.

Is It Worth the Price?

There are a lot of web development companies who offer cheap services, but the price isn’t all that matters here. The real measure of price is not how cheap the company’s service is; rather it should be on how much time and effort you can save. Remember, they might be offering low rate just to get your business, but they may provide poor after sales services such as slow response or additional cost to fix your website when it is not functioning properly.

Being business wise, hiring a professional web development company that balances price and quality is your top choice. There’s nothing more satisfying than working with a reliable company that finishes tasks according to your agreement and delivers them on time. This saves you from all the frustrations and anguish that can cost you both time and money.

Do They Have a Good Reputation?

Lastly, you have to check if your web development service provider has a good reputation. You can take a look at their customers’ testimonial and portfolio. It always pays to do a background research on a service provider before engaging their service so that you can set correct expectations.
Overall, choosing the right web development company should be a well-thought process. You need to consider how reliable the company is, their developers’ level of expertise, their past works, and of course, how much does it cost to engage their service. However, please don’t make the mistake of finding the cheapest option as the priority of your search. The quality of the service should be your top priority.

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