What Quality Content Does to Your Site


You probably encountered this before: Content Is King. But do you know why? What makes content royalty in the eyes of Google?

Hold it right there! Let me tell you that making content king before Google’s eyes only is, in fact, the very wrong notion that could hinder your bid for the top position instead of bolster it! This is exactly the pitfall for many SEO agencies.

What then is the correct notion of “Content is King?” It is to make your potential readers the king and queen that will decide whether your content is fit for royalty!

Here are statistics that show how quality content influences people:

  1. 80% of decision makers rely on a series of information before making a purchase, instead of being persuaded by a single advertisement. Source: Roper Public Affairs
  2. 90% of consumers find custom content useful as against canned content. 78% believe that organizations writing custom content are interested in building good long-term relationship. Source: Custom Content Council
  3. Related to number 2, 61% of consumers feel better about a company sending them custom content and are likely to buy from that company. Source: Custom Content Council

Even if people know that ultimately, your purpose for reaching out to them is to sell, they wouldn’t mind receiving content from you if this has value to them.

In return, you get three huge benefits for writing topnotch content: the sale, the ranking, and the massive stream of traffic to your website.

Writing Quality Content That Gives You The Ranking

Now that we have established the importance of writing quality content, the next question you might ask is how does quality content increase the ranking?

Well-written content includes search keywords naturally. Unlike Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO that makes content pieces match the keyword, quality content is based on well-researched and customer-engaging topics written in such a way that a keyword was naturally woven in.

Quality content that gives ranking also does not overstuff the content with too much keyword that there is no more room for quality information.

A website can get banned in Google for overstuffing content with keywords, and getting banned is something you would not want to happen to your website.

Getting Extra Love: Quality Links For Quality Content

Finally, quality content on your website gives you authority. In the worldwide web where there is a vast sea of information coming from similar sources, one website stands out above thousands of others based on the content it has. Because of this, a like-minded website will most likely want to build relationship with your site by linking to you.

In Google’s eyes, a link is a vote of authority. Google will rank you high if it detects that a lot of websites and users link to you or trust that you are indeed a good source of valuable information.

All this boils down to one thing and one thing only: bear in mind that Google is a search engine. As such, its main concern is to put on top of its search results the most relevant and most authoritative website given a specific search term. To win this nod of approval from Google, employ quality content on your site and send out quality content to your readers. This way, you get both the following and the search ranking.


Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam Team, explains the significance of content in this video.

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