The Top Business Benefits of SEO

Return on Investment for SEO

There is simply more to topping the search results when it comes to assessing the business benefits of SEO. Beyond online visibility, SEO gives you:

Benefits of SEO #1 : Free Highly Qualified Leads

Being at the top position of Google allows your customers to easily find you. Whether or not you get 100 or 1,000 leads, there is no individual payment for these customers coming to your site unlike in Pay Per Click or PPC where you have to pay per every person clicking on your website.

Leads are gold! Companies pay handsomely to get them. Sales persons do everything to chase them. With potential customers coming to your site instead of you chasing them, what you get are qualified leads ready to do business with you!

Benefits of SEO #2 : Predictable Cost

Compared to PPC which is a variable cost, the cost of SEO is relatively fixed and in most cases, tapers off as the SEO campaign progresses on. The effect of this is lower cost per click over time.

Benefits of SEO #3 : Brand Visibility

Consider the search on “interior design.” Big interior design companies are battling it off to get to the first page of Google for this keyword. If they don’t make it to the top of the page via organic search, then they would definitely need to take the route of PPC.

In contrast, brand visibility lingers more with SEO. Among the business benefits of SEO is that once you already topped the results for a certain keyword as in the case of “interior design”, it will be relatively easier for you to rank high for the keyword variations (i.e. interior design Singapore, interior designer Singapore, etc.)

Benefits of SEO #4 : High Website Standard

One of the business benefits of SEO is a great website. It’s almost the sure by-product of doing onsite optimization.

SEO compels you to design your website and write your web copy in such a way that will make it accessible to both search engine crawlers and to human visitors. Crawlers index code errors and should they detect a lot of these errors on your site, won’t rank you high.

The result of these strict standards is a great website not only for search crawlers but for people as well.

Benefits of SEO #5 : Strong Brand Presence And Credibility

Your customers expect you to be prominently positioned in Google. It’s like being physically located in the central business district where big businesses have their corporate offices.

Not being found in the top results of Google may make you appear small time. Online customers attach trustworthiness to companies which are on top results and which have a credible and authoritative website. As you know, trust is everything when it comes to online marketing.

One of the key business benefits of SEO, therefore, is a strong brand presence and an established credibility.

Benefits of SEO #6 : SEO Results Double With Time, Not Money

Among the business benefits of SEO is that your ranking for several keywords add up in your favour for every week, month, or year that you do SEO. It gets harder for your competitors to beat you to the first position in Google as you stay on doing SEO.

Because of this, making a decision to start with your SEO effort now will give you so much the advantage over your competitors who tend to delay it.

A caveat: These promised benefits can only happen if you have expert SEO specialists to lead you in the campaign. Work with the wrong team and you end up spending more time and money correcting the mistakes. Choose well. Make sure your SEO Consultant applies principle which are aligned with Google.

Start your journey to the top of Google today and see a massive influx of leads to your website!

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