Why Natural is the Way to go When Writing SEO Friendly Content

You probably have encountered a lot of advice on what SEO friendly content is and what it’s not. With myriad SEO practitioners out there, there can be a mix of approaches. What is the one standard that works?

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7 Outdated SEO Methods That Will Hurt You if You Continue to Use Them

If you’re one of the thousands of websites which got the Panda / Penguin penalty, then you’re still probably reeling from the trauma of losing your long-held first page ranking to the wastelands of Google.

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8 Reasons on Why it is Smart to Make SEO a Continuing Investment

Many a times, we have forewarned clients to dispel the wrong notion that SEO ends once the top position is reached. Well ask yourself, do you ever stop marketing your product? SEO is one way to do internet marketing and

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Why Cheap SEO Presence Isn’t Always Cheap!

SEO Traffic

There’s an interesting TV show on cable called “Extreme Cheapskates” that features people who go from cutting their own hair to scavenging food from the garbage receptacles! Well, nothing against their choice if they say it works for them. But

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