Should I Hire a SEO Expert to Improve My Ranking?

Return on Investment for SEO

Return on Investment for SEO

It’s true that there is nothing in this life that we cannot learn, and that includes Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Google hides nothing from us—all we need to do is ask. If we need SEO knowledge, we can simply look it up on Google and voila! Everything we need to know to do SEO is all there.

But the question is, do you have the time required to do SEO? Do you have the understanding of some technical requirements that go with optimising your own website, such as writing impeccable HTML codes so that Google crawlers will be attracted to the site? Do you have the skill to write SEO content which not only serves to invite crawlers but, more importantly, compels website visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to make a purchase from your site?

SEO Needs Constant Aligning With Google

In today’s world when going online is the new way to find and purchase things, SEO has an inimitable value. Whether you’re a lowly start up or a mighty empire, doing SEO the right way will benefit you well. For start-ups, getting on the first or second page of Google can mean a massive influx of enquiries from interested buyers, never mind if you are the minority player in the industry. Given a professional, responsive website and a first page ranking, yours is the leverage to sit on the same market space as that of the big players. This is how the worldwide web becomes an equalizer when you do SEO right and start showing results.

The question is, do you know how to align your website with Google’s constantly changing algorithms? Imagine, Google can provide hundreds and thousands of search results for the keyword you entered and yet, your website emerges at the top. This is a big triumph especially because we know that Google makes almost over 600 algorithm changes every year. Your website meeting Google’s approval in 600 and more ways is indeed something to be happy about.

SEO Needs A Team

You will need to do SEO as an organized team if you intend to do it by yourself instead of engaging an external SEO company. Process maps must be in place; a checklist of deliverables must be created and ticked off one by one. To demonstrate, one team analyzes Google Analytics or the status of your website’s performance as you carry out SEO. Another team is devoted to content creation, and another team handles social media sharing. Doing SEO on your own can work, but your results may come later than those who engaged a team to do it, and do it NOW.

Get Massive Influx Of Website Customers Through SEO

Is the ROI from doing SEO real? Is it even significant? Why, of course! Imagine getting a massive influx of leads – qualified leads at that – because these web visitors came to you – thus they indeed need and want what you have to offer, be it food, jewellery, clothing, etc…

The ROI will surely come. The question is, when?

The sooner you start with your SEO, the sooner your ROI will flow. So make no delays. If you have the budget set aside, engage an external SEO Expert now. All the best!

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