Latest PPC Trends that will Deliver Results to Your Digital Marketing Campaign in 2018

Latest PPC Trends

A successful digital marketing strategy requires a thorough understanding of the current pay-per- click trend. Now that 2018 has arrived, PPC pros are encouraged to acquaint with the latest paid search trends to boost their online marketing campaigns. Listed below are some PPC trends expected to shine this year:

  1. Tailored Keywords for Voice Searches and Local Results

The rise of voice searches on mobile devices over the years is predicted to impact PPC marketing strategies. As 65% of mobile users are already using voice assistants, PPC marketers are expected to tailor keyword lists, in accordance with how users search through voice. Question keywords which are detailed and personal are likely to get more hits. This means that natural language questions and phrases ought to be incorporated in PPC campaigns. Ads and landing page copy should likewise suit long-tail queries.

When it comes to mobile voice search, users are presumed to be on the go. Voice search result is three times more likely to be ‘locally based’ compared to conventional text search. PPC marketers should then heed localised PPC campaigns and add city names, locations and landmarks to main keywords and use relevant terms or phrases popular in localities.

  1. Audience targeting is key because keywords aren’t enough

According to Brainlabs CEO, Daniel Gilbert, 2018 is the year where a solid keyword strategy won’t be enough to sustain a PPC campaign. Targeting audiences and not search queries is dominating the paid search industry. PPC marketers are likely to invest in effective audience targeting. Through Audience Insights tool, custom audiences can be created, and marketers can use insights to send messages across the right audience.

Previously, search giants Google and Bing focused on ad formats, semantics and keywords. Right now, innovations from search engines consist of audience-oriented solutions, as can be seen from AdWords tools like Demographics, RLSA, customer matches, similar audiences and life event targets.

  1. Taking advantage of enhanced user interface for Google AdWords Tool

AdWords display ads show up on more than 650,000 apps and more than 2 million websites. Google announced early last year the overhaul of the AdWords interface, with a design intended to help run pay-per-click campaigns across devices, primarily mobile. Google’s Jerry Dischler said that the change in the user interface is Google’s response to what is starting to become a “mobile first” world.

Just recently, Google has made the necessary tweaks. Through the overview page on AdWords, data reports are summed up and metrics are readily accessible to digital marketers at first glance. On this page, some new features were introduced. Among these are Searches, Day & Hour, Devices and Auction Insights. The search functionality shows a word cloud of common and popular searched words and phrases while the auction insights chart is an infographics tool on how a digital marketing campaign relates to other competitors. The Day and Hour widget shows where traffic is converting and which among the display ads enjoy the best ad position and drive the most traffic. The Devices function, on the other hand, reveals cross device behavior, and credits conversions from desktop to mobile devices.

Other notable updates include promotion extension, which enables linking to offers in text ads. Its tag icon also helps ads stand out on a page. Household Income Targeting, is now available on the demographics tab, without having to go into the locations tab. Google also calibrated the audience targeting feature of AdWords through its custom in-market audiences tool. The prior “Target and Bid” function was split, with the latter being labeled as “Observations.”

  1. Google/Facebook Duopoly Sits atop the competition

JD Prater, Director of Ad Stage, predicted the continued rise of Google/Facebook duopoly in 2018. This means that budget allocation for PPC campaigns will likely be directed to these two network giants, as they retain position as main drivers of revenue and conversions for PPC campaigns. Amazon is also projected to double its revenues by reaching out to more advertisers and introducing more ad types to PPC marketers.

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