How Your Google Adwords Campaign Could Go Terribly Wrong If You Manage It Yourself

When you enter a search into Google, the results that come out on the highlighted portion of the search results page and those with links on the right hand side are paid links by companies or individuals running a Google Adwords Campaign. Please see the following print screen for illustration.

Search engine Optimization and Google AdwordsThere is a certain allure to running Google Adwords. First – you get to be visible instantly! From a business that no one knows, you suddenly get the phone ringing non-stop with people who find your website on Google!

But then, managing a Google Adwords Campaign yourself opens up the possibility of getting found by the wrong people, in the wrong place, and for the wrong purpose.

This can mean significant losses for you in terms of money, market penetration, and yes, reputation.

Here are five ways your Google Adwords Campaign could go terribly wrong if you managed it yourself:

1) Being associated with scams and other ways that will smear your reputation

SEM Scams

Take a look at this ad for example. Oh dear! You definitely don’t want to be associated with a scam, don’t you? Not only would it affect your reputation, it would also negatively affect the performance of your advert keywords.

You may have inadvertently aligned yourself with the wrong search results when you managed your Google Adwords campaign yourself. Remember, it’s hard to repair a damaged reputation so be very careful how you place your ads.

2) Advertising on the wrong locations

Geo-targeting is so important in Google, and yet if you are new to Google Adwords, this can be easily overlooked.
The result is that your advertisement will be found in the wrong locations!

SEM Wrong Geo-Location

This example shows that the person who managed the Adword did not define the correct geographic locations where this ad will appear.

The dentist is offering his services only in Singapore but he will now get clicks from people in Melbourne – this means a waste of money! The dentist won’t be able to service patients in Melbourne!

3. Being found for the wrong keyword

If you’re going to manage your Adwords yourself, get the keywords right!

How Google Adwords Helps Small Businesses?

If you’re going to manage your Adwords yourself, get the keywords right!

In this example, the search is for depression treatment – yet the advertisement is for speech therapy centre.

It’s highly probable that this Adwords campaign is set up to show for search terms associated with “treatment” and its synonyms. The advert, therefore, might show for search terms ranging from “psychology treatment” to “depression therapy”. None of which will actually deliver the right audience!

4. Showing up for every keyword

This is the next of kin for being found for the wrong keyword. This time around, the situation is even worse: your advertisement shows for almost all keywords that are irrelevant! is a national carrier, a five-star airline. Period!

It’s not an air humidifier, it’s not an air conditioner, and it’s not an air purifier!

Take a look at these examples so you realise how bad Google Adwords management can get showing for any search terms that contained “Air” and “Singapore”.

Showing up for every keyword

Showing up for every keyword - 02

Showing up for every keyword - 03


5. Showing up for negative search keywords

Some people enter search keywords such as “Bad“, “Horrible“, “Terrible“, “Worst” to avoid getting the worst service or company out there.
So you definitely do not want to appear in a search result for these negative keywords!

Found for wrong keyword

You are paying Adwords to get business, not to bury your company 6 feet under the ground!

Bad Google Adwords Management can result in your business being included in the companies your potential clients will ban from their list forever – something you don’t want and shouldn’t allow to happen!

The Solution: Let A Professional Manage Your Google Adwords Campaign For You

Face it: There are things you can do on your own despite little exposure to the task, but there are things you simply need to leave to the experts, like managing your Google Adwords campaign.

There are long-lasting, if not irreparable damages to taking things up on your own when you aren’t sure you’re doing the right thing.
Stop wasting your marketing money and your time. Stop damaging your business.

Get a professional team to manage your Google Adwords campaign today.

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