Essential Points to Consider When Hiring a SEO Consultant

Most clients believe that hiring an SEO consultant to set up an SEO campaign for their websites can work unbelievable wonders to their online presence like magic. This clearly is a misconception as SEO methods cannot yield tangible results overnight.

Before your website can obtain high ranking positions on Google SERPS, it is imperative that you make it SEO-friendly. This means that it must possess qualities (think superb content quality and user-friendly features!) that specifically make it attractive to Googlebots so your site becomes easier to find, crawled and indexed.

The good news is, if you don’t have any idea how to transform your website into a formidable contender for first page ranking, you can simply seek the professional assistance of an SEO consultant. Be careful, however, not to be victimized by unscrupulous black hat SEO professionals who work under the pretense of advocating white hat SEO methodologies, but actually deceive you (and also users and search engine crawlers) by putting into practice misleading SEO tricks.

Want to avoid working with these run of the mill SEO service providers? Make sure you take into consideration the following important points when hiring an SEO expert to formulate your SEO strategy:

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1. Adherence to Web Master Guidelines

Confirm that your SEO consultant adheres to techniques which are in keeping with Google’s Web Master Guidelines. This set of recommended practices publicly posted on Google’s support page introduces the black hat SEO techniques strictly prohibited by Google. Google disapproves of these illicit tricks so strongly, that if a website is caught using them, its ranking may be drastically lowered, impacted by a spam or algorithmic action or worse, it may just be banned from Google index! If this happens to your website, it means your site may no longer be shown on Google results or any of its partner sites.

2. Transparency of SEO methodologies

A white hat SEO advisor is confident and trustworthy enough to present to you his means of executing SEO campaigns. In fact, a reliable SEO consultant will go the extra mile to help you understand the methods he is known to use as a requirement for transparency. Transparency is a necessity in SEO industry, especially because the utilisation of often concealed illegal SEO techniques, collectively known as black hat SEO, can put a client’s ranking positions, along with his business, in jeopardy.

3. Maintaining Constant Communication

To be effective, search engine optimisation requires careful planning and collaboration between a client and an SEO consultant. Communication lines need to be open and maintained at all times; otherwise, you’d get left in the dark, wondering what changes are being implemented to improve your site and guessing if any progress is made at all. Avoid communication troubles by picking only an SEO specialist who values client relations and timely reports site changes and campaign progress.

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Hiring the right SEO consultant is the first step to getting better ranking positions. Steer clear of unscrupulous black hat SEO providers. Enjoy higher rankings through our white hat SEO methods. Call us today!

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