5 Essential Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Digital Marketing to Survive During COVID-19

Times are rough for all industries in 2020, as the world battles an unseen enemy with the rampant spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in different parts of the globe. With millions of people worldwide infected with the potentially deadly disease, the global economy is set to suffer also from the pandemic’s implications.

In Singapore alone, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) may drop between 4-7% this year due to the impact of the virus outbreak. Some of the industries that are badly hurt by the pandemic include the retail and the food industry sectors. It also has a huge impact on the tourism sector since the government has to ban the flights in and out of the country to avoid the spread of the disease.

The remaining businesses need to cope up with the situation by offering their products and services online. To do this, they must boost their digital marketing strategy to reach their target market. It is the most effective yet cost-efficient way to raise their brand awareness nowadays since most people spend more time online to get updated about the current situation and reach out to their loved ones.

Those running a company but still unsure about ramping up their digital marketing strategy are several reasons why it should be on top of their priority if they want to beat the effects of COVID-19.


  1. More People Spend Plenty Of Time Online

    Like most countries worldwide, the Singaporean government implemented stringent measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the nationwide partial lockdown on April 3 and called it the “circuit breaker.” It required all non-essential workplaces to close and schools to switch to home-based learning from April 7 to May 4. But due to the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases, the company had to implement a stricter lockdown where almost all businesses need to restrict their operations until June 1.

    For this reason, consumers resulted in online communications to get their essentials or order food or services through the companies’ websites. Small businesses also need to revamp their sales strategies so they can continue serving their local clients. These businesses need to establish enhanced digital marketing strategies with the help of professional digital marketing agencies in Singapore to establish better brand awareness.

  2. Digital Marketing Solutions Are More Practical

    Since small businesses are struggling with their budget due to the limited sales, they might have barely enough money to keep the operations going daily. If they intend to stay afloat, they must constantly remind their target market about their products or services. Digital marketing is the best way to do it since it is cheaper than buying ads on traditional media like TV, radio, or newspaper.Also, digital marketing in Singapore is an effective way to reach out to loyal customers to repeat their orders. Since the companies can implement these strategies online, they do not have to put any of their employees to face any risk of getting infected.

  3. Improve Online Visibility Through SEO

    An expert digital marketing agency can help businesses in Singapore to improve their ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). If the brands remain on top of the SERPs, it will be easier for customers to check out their websites after typing certain keywords on the search bar.There are different strategies to boost the company’s online visibility using SEO. Business owners only need to make sure that they are working with the right team to optimize their websites.

  4. Online Reviews Enhance Credibility

    These days, customers are careful about the products and services that catch their interest online. They are wary about fraudulent transactions or substandard products that could waste their money. But with the help of a good digital marketing agency, companies can establish reputable credibility through proper social media management.Small businesses can ask their web designer to include a Reviews page to let their clients provide feedback about their products and services. They can also add a Case Studies page to present proof of their work. When the target market reads these pages, they can determine if availing the products or services from the company is worth their money.

  5. Maintaining Client Engagement Through Emails

    Client engagement is crucial to help businesses stay afloat. Using email marketing strategies, they can send customized emails to offer new deals or launch more products. They can also send updates about their company to let their loyal customers know about their situation. It is also the best way to inform their clients about the latest promotions and sales that could interest them.For added measures, companies may opt to send emails that could help disseminate information about the safety protocols to beat COVID-19. It could also serve as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) project during the pandemic.

Digital marketing strategies could be the best method to help all Singaporean businesses beat the adverse effect of COVID-19 in the economy. With the help of a professional digital marketing agency, even the startups and small companies can survive the trying times since their brand will remain on their target market’s mind.