2014 SEO Forecast: It’s Time for Social Search

Where Google Is Headed This 2014

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I won’t tell you what you shouldn’t be doing. We already wrote about 7 ways to do SEO wrong in our previous post.

So how will SEO play out this year? As we see it, SEO will unfurl these three ways:

  • SEO: Publishing high quality relevant content with the purpose of helping users find what they need.
  • Social Media: Keeping a pulse on what people are sharing or talking about and using the trends as a trigger for what to publish.
  • Social Search: Syndicating high quality content through various social media.

You have to start reading the social signals because Google is definitely picking it up when it considers which website to put on top.

You have to dismiss the thought that social media is just for chummy stuff and putting the right keywords into an article is the only life of SEO.

Social SEO or Social Search uses social media for search engine optimisation. It’s how bands, personalities, businesses, and products get shared, get famous, and get the customers these days.

So where do you start your brand new journey in Social Search? Start from home: Google+.

  1. Create your account.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Start posting something that chokes with interesting ideas and helpful tips.
  4. Create a business page and promote it!

Understanding the Psychology of Social

People LikeWhen it comes to social sharing, remember this: the more you share, the less you become.

While there is no established rule about how often you should be sharing and while you won’t get penalised for over-sharing, it’s plain human behaviour that if you share too much of the same stuff, you become less interesting.

Make each of your social post or share matter. That is the key.

Think twice before you post. Are you going to attract followers or will they just dismiss you?

Post what matters, and make each post matter. If you live by this mantra then you will not only get high page rank, you will also get real followers– not just traffic. These people are ready to buy from you. You got them so convinced!

Why Google+?

Why not Facebook or Twitter, you ask? Well, this is not to say that Facebook and Twitter are irrelevant to SEO. They are.

You have to take your Google+ following seriously because you do want to rank in Google – the biggest search engine—right?

And yes, Google notices the social signals coming from Google+.

It’s not about being favourite, it’s about aligning with Google’s mission.

Remember Larry Page

Google CEO Larry Page gives us a gentle reminder when he said that Google is about serving people with relevant information.

If Google isn’t giving people what they are searching for, then it’s out of business.

People go to social media to search things. In that sense, search and social are inseparably married.

Now you get it – go on and apply the principle in your SEO this year.

Remember – continue doing SEO + Social Media + Social Search. And the tie that binds all three is relevant content that serves the search needs of Google users.

If you want to know how this is done – contact us and we will be happy to journey with you to the First Page of Google!

Important P.S.:

There is a tool called FriendsPlusMe that allows you to re-post your Google+ content to Facebook and Twitter. It’s a neat tool that cuts your Social media management by a third. Talk about a great way to syndicate content on social media!

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