Transforming Their Marketing Approach

Founder & Principal Interior Designer of Ideal Concept Design, Maurice Chow is a firm believer that quality works is the best form of marketing. Quality works will attract the attention of traditional media such as newspapers and magazines for interviews and editorial featuring. This to him, is the best marketing for any company.

However, in the era of digital marketing, many people especially the IT savvy are turning away from traditional media as the sole source of marketing.

In January 2019, Maurice decided it was time to explore into digital advertising, despite having little knowledge in it. Being unsure of the right digital marketing agency to approach, he decided to use the conventional approach – word of mouth. He asked his peers and learnt about First Page.

Immediately after the Chinese New Year holiday in February, Maurice contacted First Page for a consultation appointment.

Digital Marketing


First Page’s team did a review before the meeting. Two key issues were identified:-

Lack of Online Presence:

The website is not ranked on Google Organic Listing for keywords related to his business and is also not listed on any of the major interior design portal and business directories.

Outdated Website

The website design needs to be updated.

Layout & navigation has to be user friendly. Fresh content needs to be created and engaging. Mobile responsive has to be implemented.

During the meeting, Maurice shared with us that his business objective of embarking onto digital marketing is to generate awareness for his business with emphasis on quality work. By building a larger base group of customers who has engaged his company; brand awareness will naturally amplify through referral due to their quality work.

Our Sales Manager, Li Qing shared our findings with Maurice and recommended the following to help him achieve his business goal.

Website Revamp

To improve user experience and increase trust

Website Copywriting

To engage and connect with website visitors to engage and connect with website visitors

Google Advertising

To generate qualified leads

Call Tracking

To keep track of the keywords for incoming calls so that the campaign can be better optimized and accounted for.

Maurice decided to take up Google Advertising and Call Tracking services. He wanted to assess the campaign performance for 3 months before taking the leap to revamp his website.

Li Qing told Maurice candidly that he will not be able to experience optimal performance of the campaign with his current website.  Maurice took up Li Qing’s suggestion to go for the creation of landing page for the first 3 months of the campaign

During the period of March - June, our team optimized the campaign to reduce the acquisition cost per lead. We were able to consistently generate a 3% conversion rate for Maurice.

Major change for the better - Website Revamp

The campaign results greatly encouraged Maurice to take up our recommendation for website revamp. The new website was completed and launched within 2 weeks.

The initial breakthrough…
and more to come!

In the month of June, the number of enquiries generated from the campaign improved by a

whopping 180%

Stay Tune. We will continue to update the progress of Ideal Concept Design via this case study page.