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Why Choose Us for SEO?

SEO Services That Bring Value For Your Money

How are we different for our SEO Services?

Bring Value For Your MoneyWe often hear people say this: “I need my website to rank. Can you get SEO done for me?”

Approaching SEO this way makes it focused on just ranking when what you really need is value for your SEO investment.

So what if you are found on the first page for a particular keyword? Is that keyword giving you the right traffic— web visitors who will potentially become your customers?

SEO Services: Beyond Ranking, We Deliver Value

SEO Services: Beyond Ranking, We Deliver ValueAt First Page, we deliver value for your money.

It’s not just about ranking. It’s about whether or not your sales are increasing, whether your brand is getting recognised, and whether you are getting more people to trust you.

Think about it: Have you ever wondered why some SEO services are priced steep while other companies offer it very low? Sometimes the disparity is so striking that you end up very confused especially if you are new to SEO.

If you choose a pricey SEO company, it will hurt your marketing budget and the result is not always equal to your expectation.

If you choose a cheap SEO company, you are at risk of losing your hard-earned money with nothing in return.

As the saying goes, “Good things never come cheap.” This is so true when you are looking to implement a SEO campaign for your website.

However, it is also not true that the best services come with the highest price.

At the end of the day, what you want is real value for your investment.

3 Most Valuable Things To Take With You From Our SEO Services

So, what value can you expect from our SEO Services?


  • Customized SEO PlanYour Own Customized SEO Plan. We do not have bronze, silver, gold or rather one-size-fit-all packages. This is because every client’s expectations, requirements, keywords, websites, etc are so different. We work around our strategies to meet client’s requirement to achieve results, not the other way round.

    Each campaign is customised according to the goals you have set to grow your business. As a client, you are also not bound by packages that often come with keywords you don’t really need. With our help, you are able to design a unique campaign that corresponds to what you really want to achieve and to your specified budget.

  • Full TransparencyFull Transparency. We don’t leave you in the dark. Instead, we let you know what’s happening to your website ranking every step of the way. With our fully transparent, communication-intensive reporting, you can review SEO works which have been done for you to ensure that white hat methods are being applied.

    As you know with SEO, high quality content and backlinks will help move you up in the search engine results page. You hold the key to reviewing unique content that we write and the quality backlinks that we build manually.

    We do not use software to build backlinks or write content. Software is cheap, achieves very fast results and rankings. A SEO company which engages this type of method will be able to specifically tell you when they are able to rank your website and offer you with a guarantee.However, applying this method will get your website penalized by Google during a major Google Algorithm update.

    This is why most SEO Services in Singapore that offer a guarantee need to rank your website as fast as possible before the next major Google Algorithm update comes.

    Sure, the guarantee is fulfilled but your website will get penalized after the guarantee period, leaving you in total kaput!

    This is why it is good to review SEO elements like content and backlinks that we build for you. This will set your mind at ease not only on the quality work that we promise you but also on avoiding the negative impact from the next Google algorithm major update to be released..

  • SEO EducationEmpowerment With SEO Education. First Page wants you to understand SEO. This is so you can be confident on the methodology we apply. Face it—it’s totally unnerving to invest on something blindly. When you engage our SEO services, you know exactly what you are paying for.

    For starters, feel free to download and read this basic SEO guide straight from the biggest search engine today, Google.

    Note that there have been many updates preceding this basic manual but this serves as a good reference material to gain a basic understanding of SEO.

    We demystify SEO for you so you can make decisions over your own investment. This means being able to manage your own investment exactly the way you want it whilst being aligned with methodologies that are proven to work.

    We remove complex jargons about SEO that can often be as challenging and frustrating as completing Candy Crush!

    At First Page, we speak your language and we do not use highly technical term just to impress you or to make things look highly specialised that more payment is justified.We explain things to you using plain and simple words so you get informed and empowered.

    After all, this is your website and the results are for your business. It’s all about you!

Behind a successful SEO campaign is close cooperation between the client and the SEO company, so as to set actionable goals and achieve them well to grow your business.

We are ready to partner with you. We want you to succeed.

Kindly contact us for further discussion so that we can fully understand your requirements and how you can make the best out of your investment based on your requirements.