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Using Google Adwords To Boost Your SEO

Google Adwords is primarily for advertisers to get instant traffic to their website through paid advertisements. But did you know that you can – and should – use Adwords to make your SEO more successful?

Here are ways this is done:

1) Better Keywords Selection.

Anyone who has done SEO knows that it is all about ranking for the right keywords. Sure you can show at the top of Google, but for which keyword? If you’re ranking for keywords that have zero search volume (and if you have paid a hefty sum for it) then this kind of SEO is a total waste of time and money. Without traffic, any search marketing strategy can be deemed a failure. Read more

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Ways To Write Remarkable Adwords Copy

If you are meeting the task of writing Adword copy with much trepidation, you are not alone.

After all, with Google guidelines to strictly follow, a need for creativity that will edge out the toughest of competitors, and prospects that easily get bored and have very short attention span, you will need to be innovative and to write Adwords copy that will bring a torrent of qualified traffic to your website.

How do you face up to this seemingly daunting task? How can you come up with an Adwords copy that will work?

Unfortunately like any form of advertising, there is no sure-fire way to write Adword copy that will 100% make your prospects click on your ad. But here are some guidelines which, when done well, will help you get close to grabbing your prospects’ attention. Read more

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Unlock The Success Of Your Google Adwords Landing Page

What is a landing page and why should you have one if you’re running Google Adwords?

Unlike a website which has several web pages, a landing page (as the term suggests) is a single page that is designed to achieve one thing only: to get your visitors to respond to your Call To Action (CTA).

Whether you want them to make a purchase, get a quote, or book an appointment, a landing page makes your visitors “land” exactly where they can execute these actions. No detours or side trips.

That makes a landing page extremely important especially when you are running paid advertisements on Google. Certainly, you want your visitors to convert into paying customers to get a return from your Google Adwords investment.

Having said that, here are two keys to unlock the success of your landing page: Read more

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8 Deadly Mistakes You Could Be Making On Your Google Adwords Campaign

It’s hard to resist the temptation of managing your Google Adwords campaign by yourself. After all, there are so many PPC companies out there promising you traffic for countless of keywords. It’s hard to tell which ones really know what they’re doing.

Here are eight deadly mistakes you can make when running your Google Adwords campaign by yourself and why you must avoid these like your life depends on it! Read more

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Google Adwords Strategies That Are Proven To Work

Just like any form of advertising, running a Google Adwords ad can be a game of hit or miss. What’s so attractive about Google Adwords is that you can run a campaign for as low as $20.00 a day or as high as $2,000 a day depending on what strategy you apply and what you wish to achieve.

The question is, what strategy works?

While it’s true that any form of advertising does not guarantee a 100% hold on your customer’s purchasing decision, Google Adwords makes it possible to pull the advertising cost to a bare minimum while skyrocketing your ROI. Here’s why: Read more

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How Google Adwords Helps Small Businesses?

Can Google Adwords help small businesses? Yes, it definitely can. Here are two major ways your small business can gain a lot using Google Adwords.

1) Instant Traffic

Even if you only set up your business website yesterday, Google Adwords sends instant traffic to your website and attracts an avalanche of prospective customers for you.

Think about it: How else would you possibly compete in the same playing field as your big competitors than being on top of Google — not in one year, not in six months — but today? This is only possible through Google Adwords. Read more

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Why "Natural" Is The Way To Go When Writing SEO Friendly Content

You probably have encountered a lot of advice on what SEO friendly content is and what it’s not. With myriad SEO practitioners out there, there can be a mix of approaches. What is the one standard that works?

To answer this question, let us tell you what SEO friendly content IS NOT. You might find yourself scratching your head if not hitting it against the wall for the “mistakes” you’ve done in the past. Or, thanking us for helping you avoid these mistakes now. You’re welcome! Read on and find out. Read more

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What Quality Content Does To Your Site

You probably encountered this before: Content Is King. But do you know why? What makes content royalty in the eyes of Google?

Hold it right there! Let me tell you that making content king before Google’s eyes only is, in fact, the very wrong notion that could hinder your bid for the top position instead of bolster it! This is exactly the pitfall for many SEO agencies.

What then is the correct notion of “Content is King?” It is to make your potential readers the king and queen that will decide whether your content is fit for royalty! Read more

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7 Outdated SEO Methods That Will Hurt You If You Continue To Use Them

If you’re one of the thousands of websites which got the Panda / Penguin penalty, then you’re still probably reeling from the trauma of losing your long-held first page ranking to the wastelands of Google.

Now it’s time to rebuild and give your website a fresh start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) again. The question is, what method works? Is there really an SEO agency who knows what it’s doing?

SEO is not a strict Science. We understand that Google makes changes to their algorithms almost nonstop. Understanding the principle behind Google’s changing algorithm leads you closer to SEO that will stay consistent with Google.

Here are 7 SEO methods that no longer work – if you catch your SEO agency doing these – ask them to stop right away before you dig yourself into deeper trouble. Read more

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Should I Hire A SEO Expert To Improve My Ranking?

It’s true that there is nothing in this life that we cannot learn, and that includes Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Google hides nothing from us—all we need to do is ask. If we need SEO knowledge, we can simply look it up on Google and voila! Everything we need to know to do SEO is all there.

But the question is, do you have the time required to do SEO? Do you have the understanding of some technical requirements that go with optimising your own website, such as writing impeccable HTML codes so that Google crawlers will be attracted to the site? Do you have the skill to write SEO content which not only serves to invite crawlers but, more importantly, compels website visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to make a purchase from your site? Read more

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