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SEO Companies: Conducting a Comparison

Generally speaking, in every industry, there seems to be a dichotomy of the good guys (excellent service providers) and the bad guys (mediocre, fraudulent service providers).

Because of this, our cautionary instincts become extremely sensitive when doing business transactions because we don’t want to end up falling prey to the “bad guys”.

Like any other industry, the SEO profession is filled with shady characters. SEO companies are not at all alike – some are good, some are bad.

The bad news is, most clients do not understand the difference between the two, or lack the inquisitive approach to conduct a thorough comparison of the SEO companies vying for their attention.

Well, this article is exactly what you need – a cheat sheet that helps you understand these differences and detect which SEO companies are bad guys (pretending to be good) by examining their work ethics, rhetorics and industry practices. Read more

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Essential Points to Consider When Hiring a SEO Consultant

Most clients believe that hiring an SEO consultant to set up an SEO campaign for their websites can work unbelievable wonders to their online presence like magic. This clearly is a misconception as SEO methods cannot yield tangible results overnight.

Before your website can obtain high ranking positions on Google SERPS, it is imperative that you make it SEO-friendly. This means that it must possess qualities (think superb content quality and user-friendly features!) that specifically make it attractive to Googlebots so your site becomes easier to find, crawled and indexed.

The good news is, if you don’t have any idea how to transform your website into a formidable contender for first page ranking, you can simply seek the professional assistance of an SEO consultant. Be careful, however, not to be victimized by unscrupulous black hat SEO professionals who work under the pretense of advocating white hat SEO methodologies, but actually deceive you (and also users and search engine crawlers) by putting into practice misleading SEO tricks. Read more

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10 Social Media Optimization (SMO) Tips

Strictly speaking, there isn’t much difference between social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO) because both of them involve the process of optimizing a website.

The only difference is that while SEO entails optimizing web content to be read on the website, SMO involves optimization of content for sharing across social media networks.

One of the main reasons why SMO and SEO are continuously syncing up like never before is because social media plays a significant role when it comes to boosting search engine rankings. Such things like shares, follows, likes, comments and Google’s +1 have proven to, positively, impact on a website’s ranking.

Google’s search engine ranking algorithms have in the recent times taken a wider outlook in terms of factors that can affect your website’s visibility. For instance, Google released Hummingbird update, which is based on semantic approach.

This update encompasses broader search query considerations such as your location, search history and the whole meaning of your search query instead of just taking a chain of words in isolation. This has improved the quality of search engine results, meaning customers are getting better quality content that can be shared in the social media. Read more

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How Your Google Adwords Campaign Could Go Terribly Wrong If You Manage It Yourself

When you enter a search into Google, the results that come out on the highlighted portion of the search results page and those with links on the right hand side are paid links by companies or individuals running a Google Adwords Campaign. Please see the following print screen for illustration. Read more

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Effective Guide to a Result-Driven Mobile SEO Strategy in 2014

In a recent study conducted by Nielsen (in partnership with Google) which focused on consumers’ mobile shopping habits, it was revealed that 74% of mobile phone users rely on search engines throughout the purchase process. The same study exposed the speedy decision-making of mobile phone consumers; in fact, it was found that 83% of mobile consumers typically desire to purchase within a day and more than half of mobile consumer population, around 55 %, intend to buy within the hour.

These key findings directly signal that mobile SEO is becoming more relevant nowadays; hence, it is imperative for business owners to devise a mobile SEO strategy that is in tune with the needs of their target consumers.

Mobile SEO Tips For 2014: Here are essential tips to help you jumpstart your mobile SEO success this 2014: Read more

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You Shouldn’t Start SEO Without Doing These 3 Things

So, you want to rise to the first page of Google? You’re determined about getting results from SEO?

For some SEO optimisers who only care about you signing the dotted line and walking with your cash on their hands, there’s no stopping of this enthusiasm from you.

But just before you embark on your SEO, consider this fair warning: starting SEO right away – without careful assessment and preparation — may undermine your SEO results and gobble up your marketing budget very fast.

Here are three things you should do before starting SEO: Read more

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2014 SEO Forecast: It’s Time For Social Search

Where Google Is Headed This 2014

I won’t tell you what you shouldn’t be doing. We already wrote about 7 ways to do SEO wrong in our previous post.

So how will SEO play out this year? As we see it, SEO will unfurl these three ways:

  • SEO: Publishing high quality relevant content with the purpose of helping users find what they need.
  • Social Media: Keeping a pulse on what people are sharing or talking about and using the trends as a trigger for what to publish.
  • Social Search: Syndicating high quality content through various social media.

You have to start reading the social signals because Google is definitely picking it up when it considers which website to put on top. Read more

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Using Google Adwords To Boost Your SEO

Google Adwords is primarily for advertisers to get instant traffic to their website through paid advertisements. But did you know that you can – and should – use Adwords to make your SEO more successful?

Here are ways this is done:

1) Better Keywords Selection.

Anyone who has done SEO knows that it is all about ranking for the right keywords. Sure you can show at the top of Google, but for which keyword? If you’re ranking for keywords that have zero search volume (and if you have paid a hefty sum for it) then this kind of SEO is a total waste of time and money. Without traffic, any search marketing strategy can be deemed a failure. Read more

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Ways To Write Remarkable Adwords Copy

If you are meeting the task of writing Adword copy with much trepidation, you are not alone.

After all, with Google guidelines to strictly follow, a need for creativity that will edge out the toughest of competitors, and prospects that easily get bored and have very short attention span, you will need to be innovative and to write Adwords copy that will bring a torrent of qualified traffic to your website.

How do you face up to this seemingly daunting task? How can you come up with an Adwords copy that will work?

Unfortunately like any form of advertising, there is no sure-fire way to write Adword copy that will 100% make your prospects click on your ad. But here are some guidelines which, when done well, will help you get close to grabbing your prospects’ attention. Read more

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Unlock The Success Of Your Google Adwords Landing Page

What is a landing page and why should you have one if you’re running Google Adwords?

Unlike a website which has several web pages, a landing page (as the term suggests) is a single page that is designed to achieve one thing only: to get your visitors to respond to your Call To Action (CTA).

Whether you want them to make a purchase, get a quote, or book an appointment, a landing page makes your visitors “land” exactly where they can execute these actions. No detours or side trips.

That makes a landing page extremely important especially when you are running paid advertisements on Google. Certainly, you want your visitors to convert into paying customers to get a return from your Google Adwords investment.

Having said that, here are two keys to unlock the success of your landing page: Read more

Posted by: Juvon Ang